Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Probably Time To Get More Serious Again....

Practice makes perfect. Being able to breathe takes practice. Pounding out the miles takes a toll on your feet, your legs, your body.

I have been so stupidly lazy this summer. Mostly because it was so hot. Well....that's part of it. Another part has just been that I've been busy and lazy. A new man has entered my life and sometimes it's just a lot nicer to not get up at 5:30AM and get out there and encourage pain. A little rest and relaxation never hurt anyone, right?
Wrong. Tulsa Run, 15K is in about 5 weeks, and the farthest I've seriously ran this summer is about 5.5 miles. I need to just about double it, and granted the weather is cooling and that will help with not having to rise with the sun, but I need to take control and do what I need to.
Marathon training has already started, and I'm supposed to have a "solid base" of doing 3 '3 mile runs', 1 '5 mile', & 1 '4 mile' run every week, equaling about 5 runs or 18 miles a week. I'm doing lucky to run 2-3 days a week averaging 10-12 miles a week.
Next Sunday is supposed to be a 7 mile run and we're upping it from there for Houston's marathon training. It's time. The summer has been fun, but I don't want to continue to be lazy. I will only be angry and disappoint myself. I have goals and ambition and don't want things to get in the way of that. Everything is my choice and I can choice to be motivated and do this. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice a little. Which is exactly why not everyone runs marathons, and this is what's going to set me apart.


  1. Glad to hear you're running again. Ever thought about giving trails a try?

  2. I have....but I'm a bit scared to run up at Turkey Mountain by myself. I did one trail run with them one Saturday, but usually I work at 9AM. Are there other trails around Tulsa?