Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday, November 27th - worked out at the gym; elliptical for 50 minutes, sweat POURING off of me. I needed it though, because I ate HORRIBLY on Wednesday night, Thanksgiving dinner wtih close friends. And then of course Thanksgiving lunch and dessert too on Thursday. At least I ran both days, but STILL. Ahhh! The gym closed Thursday at 2PM, so I couldn't make it in before that with the Von Franken run and then cooking and cleaning up to go to lunch.
I made myself get on the scale that morning though, just to show myself that the eating crazy bad food was NOT good for me. And sure enough, I had gained some weight. :-( So 50 minutes on the elliptical and then an hour or so lifting and doing pushups and all the other crazy stuff I do!

Saturday, November 28th - I got up and ran 3 @ 10:26 / mile. I had a fairly busy day at work and I just wasn't full of energy afterwards, so I just went to the gym and rode the bike for about 45 minutes (11 miles) and then did a little core work.

Sunday, November 29th - Ran 8 miles @ a 10:27 pace. I ran up to Brookside and almost to Cherry Street from my house. It was a good run, the rolling hills were nice, slowed me down a little. I started losing energy about mile 5.5-6. But we pushed on through to keep it under 10:30. I wanted to go the gym tonight, but I'm kind of tired and haven't eaten a whole lot today, so I think I'm going to go home and get to bed earlier than later this evening.

Goals for the week:
Monday - run & lift after work, then Runner's World for meeting
Tuesday -OFF
Wednesday - 15-16 miles with Shelley
Thursday - quality 7-8 miles then lift directly after
Friday - elliptical & lift
Saturday - easy 2-3 miles and maybe gym, but perhaps not

Also, no eating 2 hours before bedtime. 8.5 hours of sleep EVERY SINGLE night. That's important. And I need to start drinking my protein shakes again. I haven't been drinking them, and I also haven't been losing much more weight. So perhaps for me: protein shakes = loss of weight. So I SHOULD DRINK THEM!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Measuring Up!

October 20th - November 19th 2009

weight : -2.2 pounds
BMI: -1.4%

Chest: -.75 (had to finally go bra shopping for the next size down!)
Waist: -1 (real waist), +.5 (jeans waist)
Hips: ----

~2 different measurements for upper arms
Right upper arm: ---, -.3
Left upper arm: +.3, +.35
Right forearm: -.2
Left forearm: ---

~3 different measurements for upper
Right thigh: -.5 for all 3!
Left thigh: -.5, -.3, -.3
Right calf: -1
Left calf: -1

So, looking back, I'm still doing WONDERFUL with losing size and although it doesn't really seem like the scale is moving much, it's still going down and with body fat percentage, which is really more important. I did have to go bra shopping for the next size down and I am wearing the same size that I wore when I lived in Iowa. I would really like to drop one more and be VERY comfortable in that size, like I was in high school. I'm having to go and buy all new shirts now, because nothing fits, and I just don't seem to have the time! Ahh! I always feel more confident when I have clothes on that fit, but I just don't understand why everything has to be so darn big on me that's in my closet. It took me a VERY LONG TIME to build up that black wardrobe!

I feel as though I have to be very very careful this holiday season because I love comfort food and it's the holidays and I don't usually eat this...and all the other million excuses that we come up with! I don't want to gain anything back, and since today is Thanksgiving and I already feel like I've gained at least 3 or 4 pounds....this is my pledge!

I will NOT gain weight over this holiday season. In fact, by January first, I will either still be at my current weight or under it! I will still be running, and running either a half or FULL marathon on January 17th and I don't want to be lugging around 5 or 6 extra pounds!!! By the time I run either race in January, I expect to be that next size smaller, if I'm not....then I really need to reevaluate some things. 2 months....high school look alike....get ready world!!!

senior pic

Week Updating

Tuesday, November 17th - Gym in the morning.

Wednesday, November 18th - 8 miles at 11:05 / pace. I ran out at 91st & Garnett and when I turned around, I fell and twisted my ankle! My first thought was "Oh no! The half is this Sunday! I CANNOT be hurt." And then...."There's NO one around here to help me if I need help; I need to get up and run the 4 MILES back to my car!"

Thursday, November 19th - Gym in the afternoon.

Friday, November 20th - 4 miles at easy pace at the gym. (Around 11:??) Then cycled 7 miles just to burn some calories after our Thanksgiving potluck at work.

Saturday, November 21st - NOTHING. Rest day because the Half Marathon was Sunday!!!

Monday, November 22nd - Nothing again. No energy, and worked after the half on Sunday and a full day Monday at work too.

Tuesday, November 23rd - I felt much better, but didn't get up early enough to run before heading to work. I got a massage before I started though and felt much better.

Wednesday, November 24th - Ran 3 miles at the gym on the treadmill, about a 10:30 (??) mile with an incline at times. Then cycled 4 miles too with some stretching afterwards.

Thursday, November 25th - Ran 4.3 miles along Riverside, averaging a 10:05 pace. A little chilly out. I would have LIKED to go to the gym but they closed today at 2PM, and I didn't finish lunch until after 2:30PM. belly fills big and I feel like I need to work out VERY hard tomorrow!

Goals for the weekend:
Friday - gym time, lifting & elliptical after work
Saturday - Run 3 miles before work & gym after
Sunday - (starting marathon training....maybe!) 7-8 'tempo' miles in the morning and then after hopefully to the gym again!
Monday - Easy 3-4 miles before work and then have a meeting at Runner's World for marathon training talk!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Route 66 Half Marathon Accomplished!!!!

First half marathon ever!!! This is a picture of Shelley (my mentor), her husband Shannan, and I after the race. Pizza, beer, and cookies of course too!
This was pretty tough, but I'm SUPER PROUD of how well I did. The longest I had ever run remember, is 15 miles. So 13.1 is doable, I know this. I got up late, as always, and rushing out the door eating my oatmeal. Banana too right before the start line, with my water bottle on my back, some Goo secured too, along with some Glide and I'm good to go.
I started using the Goo about mile 4 and drinking about mile 5. Then it just continued on and on and on - never seeming to end. I saw Shannan on Riverside about mile 8 or so, while he was on the way back. Then I passed Shelley about mile 9 going back to the end. Tad was running the marathon (my roommate) and I saw him about mile 10 (for me).
I finished this race at 9:46 minute miles - 2:09:38 (according to my Garmin). That's faster than I did the Tulsa Run and definetly faster than I had planned. My goal was to just keep it under 10:45 or 10:30 minute miles.

Place : 990
Age Division Place: 72/138
Female Division: 455/1254
10K Time - 58:14
Place @ 10K : 1123
10 Mile Mark Time -1:39:29
Place @ 10 Mile - 1022
End time : 2:09:37
Average mile - 9:54
So my thoughts on results - I did well for a female. Not so awesome for my age group, but just my guess...but there were probably more males than females in my age group. I ran a fast 10K than I ever have before. At the 10 mile mark, that was only 3 minutes more than what I did the Tulsa Run in (9.3 miles) in. And I must have passed a lot of people, over 100 because I moved up in rank that much. And then to the end, I must have passed another 42 people to move up again. So my Garmin is a smidge off in recognizing pace averages, according to this, but it's still pretty darn close and AWESOME!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Run Run Runner

Thursday, November 12th - 10 miles at 10:32 pace. Good run, didn't take any water with me and started tiring about mile 8. Goal was to keep it under 10:45, so very satisfied.

Friday, November 13th - I had a really bad headache at work and just went home instead of stopping at the gym. I fell asleep about 9PM and then went to my bed about 11PM and slept until morning.

Saturday, November 14th - Woke feeling refreshed and went for a 3.5 mile run at around 11:00 minute pace I believe (?). That evening after work, I lifted at the gym, with energy even!

Sunday, November 15th - Didn't get up and go for a run in the morning, because it was raining. Instead, spent an hour on the elliptical at the gym after work. I was really REALLY yucky sweaty and did a few core exercises afterwards. It felt really good, kind of relieving to sweat like that again.

Monday, November 16th - Once again, didn't get up and go for a run. Needed to, but just tired from the previous night's workout. Work wasn't too busy, so not much energy expended there either. So after work, I did a speed workout on the treadmill at the gym. I warmed up for 1 mile at 5.5 (10:34/mile) and then intervals. Run .25 mile at 8:34/mile and then walk-jog .25 mile X 3. I then ran until it equaled 5 miles of running for the day. I sweat a LOT again. At one point, one of the personal trainers came up to talk about doing a back workout later on in the week, and mentioned how sweaty I was. :-) Good times!

Once again...I need to stop snacking late at night. I'm so bad about just eating nuts and dried fruit. It's not an UNHEALTHY snack but it's not good to eat 2 cups of that an hour or so before bedtime! goal is to NOT gain weight back over the holidays and I need to do measurements, but so far, I have gained 2 pounds back this month. :-( Shelley tries to tell me it's muscle or water weight, and my clothes aren't any tighter, but still.
Actually, I went shopping today and was putting on a smaller size skirt. But skirts are sized a little differently than pants and my legs are probably still too big to fit into the next size down. :-( Soon, hopefully soon. Goal is just to keep under control during the holidays. That is my goal.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 :-('s This Time! But Dance Is Back!

Thursday, November 5th - Lifted weights in the morning.

Friday, November 6th - I wanted to get up and run in the morning but I was tired from the long day at the salon the night before and meeting a new friend. So I ran after work instead, 5 miles @ 11:10 pace. Not too bad, but I ran from work to the Creek Turnpike trail, and I'm not sure I'll do that again. There isn't a sidewalk along Memorial, so it's kind of....'trail-like' I suppose. Or just mushy grass and dodging signs and cars is a better explanation! :-( After that, I headed to the gym and worked out again. I was pretty exhausted afterwards, but dinner with a friend commanded my attention.

Saturday, November 7th - I WAS going to go the gym, but it was a friend's birthday party this evening and I knew that if I didn't take a nap, I wasn't going to make it. So I skipped. Yes, I took a full day off.

Sunday, November 8th - Alright, so now I suck. I was supposed to get up and run 10 with Shelley. She ran 10 the day before with Fleet Feet and so she wasn't running with me. So not only did I NOT run 10 in the morning, but I also did NOT run the 6 at night either. I'm not really liking this time change thing because now when I get off work at 5, it's almost too late to go running. So getting off work at 6 at Utica on Sundays, it's already pitch black! :-(

Monday, November 9th - The energy has returned! I went out for a 5 mile run on Riverside and kept it at 10:27, which I was VERY happy about! They are getting more and more of the trail completed, so I parked about 56th and Riverside and ran north to do something a little different. I wanted to do 6, but #1 I didn't have time, #2 I wasn't really sure if I could keep it at the faster pace for that long. That evening, I worked out again at the gym with weights.

Tuesday, November 10th - Joined 30 minutes of cycling class and a few pullups and ab work afterwards. Took the night off for some rest.

Wednesday, November 11th - Today! I went to Yoga class this morning and had a realization. I am NOT as good as I thought I was! :-( I remember looking at the schedule afterwards and thinking to myself, "Yes, today was a POWER Yoga class, yes it was!". It was quite difficult and she was moving through the movements quite quickly. Excellent and different workout though! I needed it! I left for a little bit, and ate some lunch, got a pedicure, and then returned to lift weights and actually did the bench press in the GUYS section today. I did the bar first, which I think is like 45 pounds (if I'm wrong, someone COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW!) then 65X12, then 75X10. The last 2 with 75 were really tough and I kind of wished that someone was spotting me. I've dropped the bar on my face when I was in high school, and I was fine, but I was very lucky that no broken nose and all my teeth were left in my mouth!

Goals for upcoming few days / week: 10 miles tomorrow, keeping it at least 11:00 and under. Weights on Friday & Saturday if I have enough energy. 2-3 easy miles on Saturday if possible. 7-8 miles Sunday morning.
Oh, YES. A new exciting thing has come about as well! I'm going to start taking dance again I believe! Hip hop, ballet, contemporary, creative, all the good times will be renewed in my life! Yeah!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It May Be After Halloween

But this is how I feel.....


First off, I could murder Shelley. She told me, "Oh, start at 96th and Riverside and then run under the bridge and it takes you to Memorial and Mingo and over to Grace church and then just turn around. It's very pretty."

Pretty it is and HILLY! Ahhhhh!!!!

But I suppose I need some hill work incorporated, otherwise, I probably would get too bored. But when I'm at mile 12 of my first 15 mile run ever and there is this huge hill and I really HONESTLY and truly thought about WALKING it (for the FIRST TIME EVER) that is NOT a good sign! But I DID NOT!

I am tired. I ran 15 miles in under 3 hours, average pace 11:10. I'm very proud of that, and I think I'm done for the day. I usually spend time at the gym on my day off, doing yoga, cycling, and then maybe weights. That usually equals about 2.5-3 hours, but I think 2.75 hours of straight running and burning 1,884 calories is equilivant today. We'll go back tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday and lift. My legs will need the break tomorrow.

It was a fairly good run though, although at mile 6, I was starting to get a little tired. I took water with me today, which is new. I hate carrying things, so I put it in my sports bra in the back, seemed to work well. I started drinking about mile 7.5, when I turned around. Then I had my gum about that time, and then my little cinnamon disc about mile 12. I honestly think that was too late. Perhaps with runs longer than 12 miles, I might need 2 pieces of candy. They're 30 calories each, and they're just sugar and some carbs. And I start getting run down about mile 9 or 10. And it takes me about 2 miles or so to suck one through.

My roommate says he doesn't use anything, but the 2 girls at work both like Goo and some of the other products for performance. I've used the Goo before and don't dislike it but would prefer to be able to not use it.

Update on Workout:

Monday, November 2nd - first run after the Tulsa run; 3.5 miles after work, out south by the TCC campus. 10:06 / mile. I ran quite fast for me at first and then slowed down a bit after mile 2.5 or so. I think it was because I was aggravated at traffic on the way. Then I visited the gym and did #4 I believe. This day REALLY worked my shoulders. I did "weighted circles", straight arms out to the side with 5 pounds the first time, doing 20 circles forward and 20 circles back. I tried to do with 7.5, but I only got to 20 altogether and I think I strained my wrist a bit doing that. I NEED to get some gloves and possibly a wrist brace too. I need my hands, arms, and wrists for work! Ahh!

Tuesday, November 3rd - back to the gym and just cycled for about 30-35 minutes. Rode about 10 miles or so.

And then today, Wednesday, November 4th - 15 at 11:10 / mile. I'm satisfied. I'll probably run an easy 5 or so on Friday and then Sunday, I think Shelley and I are going to run 10 in the morning before I go to work, and then that night, I think I'll run another 6 to get 16 in for the whole day. That'll be my last 'long run' before the Route 66 Half Marathon on the 22nd! Ahh!!! Only 18 days away!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mileage Goal

I didn't make it to the 110 miles that I wanted to for October, but 76.82 is still pretty darn good!

That's over 2 pounds right there, just FROM RUNNING!

Oh, funny thought. My roommate and I figured up = 1 mile = 100 calories. 26.2 miles = 2620 calories. (Approximately).

To lose a pound = 3500.

So....even if you run a marathon, you're still not going to lose a pound! ;-) I thought it was funny. And sad at the same time!


Tulsa Run!

I finally accomplished something that I said I would do A YEAR ago! This last Saturday, I participated in the 2009 Tulsa Run, with 3 goals.

1. Don't stop.
2. Don't walk.
3. Have under a 10:40, or preferably a 10:30 pace.

And the results my fellow friends, family, and foes......

9.44 miles at an average pace of 10:08!

Granted, I did feel like throwing up and yes, I did a little when I passed the finish line. But I've also come to a conclusion: if I DON'T feel like vomiting at the end, that means that I did NOT push myself hard enough. So I did my best! No water stops, bathroom stops, a little vaseline touch-up at one point. I did have to strip most of my 'weather gear' off about 2 miles (gloves, long sleeved shirt).

This race was awesome though, with the exception of starting. There were SO many people lined up that it took almost 2 minutes to pass the START line and then it was just craziness with people trying to get past each other. Oh, and the HILL at 15th & Denver when you're almost finished but not QUITE there....yeah, that sucked, hardcore. Even with Turkey Mountain hill training help. Not at mile 8 after running that fast, for that long.

But I did take Friday off in preparation, and I even thought about going to the gym Saturday after work, but I was really tired, so I skipped. And...I even skipped Sunday too. I meant to get up early, didn't happen. After work, I was just starving, so a few little pushups, tricep pushups and sit ups, squats, and lunges, and I was out the door for some quesadilla at The Brook!

Monday, November 2nd - I was back on track today! I went for a 3.5 mile run at about a 10:06 pace, which is kind of from Saturday still. I was surprised at how fast I started out at, but it was probably because I was angry at the traffic on the way to my run and then just it being 'rush hour' all the cars keep me moving quickly. After that, I headed to the gym and dripped with sweat there from lifting. My shoulders feel pretty sore tonight from doing or attempting the Y-Presses and the military pushups really made my triceps hurt tonight as well. Good times, good times!