Friday, January 29, 2010

The Snow Will NOT Keep Me From Running!

I heard the bad weather was coming, so I made sure to get my 'long' run in before it took over.

Wednesday, January 27th - My first 'long' run since the marathon. Is it wrong that I no longer consider 12 miles a long run? *grins* It went well, 12 miles at a 10:07 pace, which I was quite happy with. I ran from my house to Brookside, up to Cherry Street, around Swan Lake, to Utica Square. I stopped in at the Ihloff Salon (my second home) and grabbed some water and spend about 5 minutes chatting and then was on my way. The run home was more difficult because I was running more INTO the wind, and this trail definitely wasn't the flattest that I've done. Up to Cherry Street is quite hilly but it's not as bad as 96t & Riverside. It was supposed to have been an 'easy' run, but I was kind of wanting to push the pace, so I'm satisfied with a 10:07.

Thursday, January 28th - I went to Pump Class FINALLY! I got there a few minutes early and warmed up on one of the 'stair' machines and had someone help me figure out what I needed for class. It was fun, although I think I probably could have done a little more weight than what I wanted. I was kind of tired after class, but I felt well. But then this morning, I really noticed that my butt was sore. Squats and lunges at work, yeah!

Friday, January 29th - The snow is here. I was scheduled to run this morning, but....that's not happening. I'm headed to the gym after working at the salon for a little 6 mile trek on the treadmill. It'll be warm, and I'll bring my book. I wonder who else is crazy enough to go right now...hopefully I'm not alone!

I'm scheduled for a 2-3 mile run tomorrow morning, but I may have to forego that one. It is pretty snowy out there and I have plans tomorrow pretty directly after work, so I may not be able to get them in at the gym. Sunday is supposed to be another 6 miles and I can do that at the gym, if necessary. Next Thursday is my next 'long run', 15 miles, so hopefully the snow is gone and melted by then!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Little Time To Recover...

Sunday after the marathon was pretty rough walking, along with Monday. We arrived back in Tulsa at 6AM on Tuesday morning, and I thought about going to Yoga at Gold's, but I slept in late instead.

Wednesday, January 20th - Yoga at the gym. It was kind of tough, not able to do most of my regular binding moves behind the back and was a little slower than usual. Overall, it felt pretty good, glad to get back moving and feeling strong.

Thursday, January 21st - I went again to the gym and ran 2 miles on the treadmill at an average of 11:06 pace. A little lifting and core work afterwards with some pushups!

Friday, January 22nd - Some circuit training! 10 minutes on 'glider', 10 minutes on elliptical, 20 on bike, 10 on stairstepper, and 10 back on bike! Some core and enjoyed the sweaty feeling!

Saturday, January 23rd - Just did a few pushups at the house instead of working at the gym

Sunday, January 24th - Ran 8 miles at a 10:24 pace with Shelley at 96th and Riverside. It was a little windy, but felt good, strong in the hills. I really have to focus on hill training this next month if I don't want to die on the next marathon!

Monday, January 25th - 3.23 miles at an average 9:17/mile. I did 1 mile intervals at a faster pace with .25 a little slower. I felt really good and kept my heart rate down fairly well throughout the whole workout.

Tuesday, January 26th - I had a break at work, so I went to the gym and jumped on the elliptical for 15 minutes and then rotated between machines. Shoulders, core, chest, back, triceps, biceps, quads, and calves even hit too! Not sore this evening, but we'll see tomorrow!

I'm scheduled to run at least 12 miles tomorrow and then I HAVE to go to Pump on Thursday! (Please hold up weather, with NO ice!) I'm scheduled to have a massage on Thursday afternoon at Ihloff with Alison and then work the remainder of the day. hard = massage. I just have to go tear my muscles up first! And then just some more running this weekend with one more workout at the gym!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Phoenix AZ; Rock & Roll Marathon!

“Relax, it’s supposed to be fun remember”…that’s what one of my running buddies said. And that’s what I remember trying to remind myself the night before. I was getting REALLY freaked out and super nervous, just because I’d never ran that far before, and how I’d only made is to 20 and not 22 and how….just everything was going through my mind. Trying to sleep the night before was fairly difficult, but I managed to get about 6 hours in, and then of course, race day.
Funny story though, especially for my first marathon – I have a new rule. No matter how close you THINK you are to the start line, plan on being there an HOUR early. Tad, Jerry (driver & friend), and I went to the start line the night before. It took 15 minutes, so we planned for a 20 minute drive and would arrive about 30 minutes before gun time. Ha….funny thing happened. We went to Jefferson and 15th Street. No one was there. Then we thought to ourselves, that it was supposed to be by the Expo Center in Phoenix. Well….after driving around for about 15 minutes FREAKING out, we realized that we were suppose to go to 15th AVENUE not Street. So by the time we realized that, it was 7:30AM (the race started at 7:40). So we get fairly close, but then of course, the streets are closed off. So Tad and I decide to make a run for it. Yep, SMART idea. Let’s SPRINT to the start of my first marathon. I see all the other people running, but in the opposite way, and of course, we have to cross the start line before we can start. And of course, on the way, I end up tripping and falling, scraping my hand and knee. *laughs* Ridiculous, but we made it about 10 minutes after everyone started. My hand was dripping blood, so we scooped up a glove and I wore that until the blood clotted and I still was carrying my banana that I was going to eat before the race started. I started picking pieces of that off once we settled into a pace, and I think that helped to sustain my energy for about 6 -8 miles.

Tad and I actually were okay with starting at the back and coming up on everyone; that way we were constantly passing people. I told him though, that if we had been at the start line when we were supposed to be, then our warm up wouldn’t have been a sprint, more ideal. And….we could have gotten into the corral for 4:30 pace group (my goal). I did well until about mile 15, and then my heart rate started getting too high and I started feeling really tired. So I took an Ultram (pain medication from doctor for swelling), but I think because I didn’t eat anything substantial with it, it made me feel nauseous. Not a great combination. :-(

At mile 16, I made Tad walk while I went to the restroom, and from there on we walked through the water stations. Break it down to smaller achievable distances and I honestly, was just running from water station to water station. I knew as soon as we got there, that I could walk for about a minute and then we’d have to start again. I had said beforehand that as long as I didn’t walk, I was fine, even if I was running a 14 minute mile, I didn’t care, as long as I didn’t walk. The night before though, I decided that water stations were fine. It started getting more and more difficult to begin running after walking though, because by the time I had gotten my pace back up where it should be, there was another water station = walk again.
It’s definitely a mental game. It’s so strange that in training 16 is kind of difficult, 18 is harder and 20 was the farthest I had gone which was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done on my own in training. But having other people around you in the marathon, knowing that you have a goal and that you’re NOT going to quit, no matter how you feel – makes it a LITTLE easier. Not a lot, but a little. I had to start telling myself the negative things that other people had said to me before to help motivate me. “You’re the biggest girl I’ve ever dated” and how many people thought I couldn’t do it.
Water station to water station was what got me through. And I ALMOST cried when I crossed the finish line, almost. Especially when Tad hugged me, I just wanted to fall over. After we figured out how to get to Jerry, with the bagel and orange (and all the other crap), I just laid on the ground for about 20-30 minutes. Everything hurt, shoes off, sun beating down (yes, I DO have tan lines!), and just texting my friends and Facebooking. :-) Can’t forget to inform everyone that I was still alive!
4:43 was my time for my first marathon and although I didn’t make my goal (4:30), I’m still proud of it. I kept it under 5 hours which was my first goal and my Garmin read 10:34 but it has an automatic ‘shutoff’ if I slow down to over 13:00 / mile, so it’s not completely accurate since I walked too. Next time – I’m going to be there even earlier and I’m NOT sprinting to the start line!
Little Rock is the next marathon that I’m scheduled to do and I hear that it’s SUPER hilly – so…..we’re going to be incorporating a LOT more hill training and longer runs. I feel as though I need to get up and do at least one 22 miler before it, just so I feel more confident.
All in all – I’m glad I did it. I accomplished something that most people would never even dream of trying to start AND….I get to put that damn sticker on my car now!
26.2 Been There – Run That

4:43:02 was my time for 26.2 miles. Placed 3719th out of 5965, so I beat about 35% of the other people. 1403rd for females out of 2511, so I beat out 45% of the other girls, and 118th out of 220 for my age division, so I beat about 47% of the other 18-24 year olds!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekly Timing

Sunday, January 10th - 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym and a little lifting and ab work

Monday, January 11th - ran 6 miles at a 10:08 pace with my roommate and a couple other girls. It was a little slick because we went at night, but it was still fun. I was a little 'over it' though. I've just been really tired lately, not really sure why.

Tuesday, January 12th - Usually my 'off day' but I knew that since the marathon was Sunday that Saturday was going to be a driving/off day. So I went to the gym during my lunch break from work and lifted. It felt good to use the leg press machine and do lunges again. My butt hurt again the next day - but in a GOOD way. :-)

Wednesday, January 13th - 7.87 at 10:28 pace. Tad and I went out about 9:30 or so and the wind was at our backs, along with the sun and it was warm. I ended up stripping my top layer off and leaving it, until I turned around. After that point, we were running into the wind and it was REALLY quite difficult. Tad ended up having pains shoot up through his knee about 5.5 miles, so I continued on, picked up the car and drove back to get him. He just needs to rest, and hopefully everything will be set for Sunday's race.

Thursday, January 14th - I didn't feel awesome this day. I hadn't really been feeling great all week, and I went in early to work and then ended up leaving during my 3 hour break and returning later. After work,I went to the gym and just walked on the treadmill with a very steep incline for about 20 miles or a little over 2 miles. Then I went and did a little ab work and sat in the sauna. I felt like I was starting to get sick with a sinus infection and I needed all the help getting the toxins out that I could use.

Friday, January 15th - Last little run before marathon day. 2.72 miles at a 10:06 pace. It felt like an easy run, but I started out without much effort and then after I realized I was going to be running farther than 2 miles, I started slowing down. I just didn't have or want to put forth the energy to keep the pace up. I felt alright though, breathing, my nose was just running. The doctor sent me a prescription for a Z-pack, and the last pill is to be taken Sunday morning. So hopefully....hopefully it's better.

Tad, Jerry (our driver and friend), and I piled into the car on Friday night about 7PM to head for Phoenix. We're going to do the Rock & Roll Marathon there on Sunday - about 7 hours from now, I will be suited up, with my belt, new hat that says 26.2 and glided up too! My shorts aren't 'new' but they are the CORRECT size so hopefully no chaffing and I'm just hoping and praying that Tad's knee issue was because he needed new shoes. Check back for the update on how running a marathon in NEW shoes goes for the poor guy! He's been wearing them since he picked them up Friday after work, but he hasn't ran in them because he's trying to give his knee the most rest possible.
His knee, my nose...and worst of all - hotel beds and a strange atmosphere that's not home. But! It's flat and we don't REPEAT anything! There's no doubling back (Riverside is a BORE!) or copying any part of the trail. We will run in Phoenix, Scotsdale, and Mesa! And so far, I'm loving what I see here....perhaps this will be my next place.......

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Much Need Update!

Saturday, January 2nd - NOTHING. Work and then just hung out with a friend, because although I was feeling much better, I just was taking the whole day off!

Sunday, January 3rd - I guess I took 2 days off. Hm...

Monday, January 4th - I went to Gold's and ran 4 miles on the treadmill averaging 9:50 pace. Then I went to Yoga afterwards with Keri. It was a really busy class, but I sweat a lot and felt really stretched out and AWESOME afterwards.

Tuesday, January 5th - I guess I took ANOTHER day off.....Usually, I take Tuesdays off because I work from 12-9. It's a long day.

Wednesday, January 6th - Oh, yes, I took the day before a 'long' run off. Of course! Shelley and I went out and ran 16.5 miles at a 10:31 pace. It was REALLY COLD! There was a cold front coming in late Wednesday night, so we started our run about 2PM and finished about 5 or so. After that, I didn't feel good AGAIN! This time instead of bathing first, I tried to get food in me. But I could feel my energy depleting as we went farther and farther in our run. About mile 15, I knew I had calculatated wrong and we (well, me) were going to end up running farther than 16 miles. I really wanted to just walk the last .5, but instead just slowed down even more.
Afterwards, I went to Panera and immediately got a sandwich and soup and tried to get some of the sandwich down, but nothing would stay. I did get a massage and pedicure from Ihloff (work), so that helped me feel better.

Thursday, January 7th - I went to the gym in the morning. I wanted to go to spin class and pump class with Angie, but I just didn't feel awesome after the run. So instead I went and rode the bike for a while and went and did an easier lifting routine. I haven't done MY routine since before Christmas or lifted at all since Christmas vacation, so this was a good step for me.

Friday, January 8th - Gym again for the treadmill because it is just too darn cold outside! 6 miles at an average of 9:50 pace. I started to read a new book and I LOVE it, just made the miles 'fly' by. Okay, not really, but it helped to distract me from the other weird "gym goers". :-)

Saturday, January 9th - I was supposed to go....lift....but my last client wanted me to join them for dinner and the I went......*frowns* I've been cheating a lot lately. Especially with lifting; I just don't want to go! I suppose I'm tired of doing it by myself and even though I AM seeing results, I just want more and faster. So this next week, my goal is to attend Pump class at least once if not twice!

That's the goal - Pump class at least once.
Also, TAPER off the running. The marathon is NEXT Sunday!!! Phoenix Rock & Roll - here we come!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New PR & New After Running 'High'?

Thursday, December 31st - My roommate and I went and did the Race Into The New Year! It was a little bit more than a little chilly on New Year's Eve, but we're both single and we both love to run - so we did what we do best! Because of the conditions, Runners World changed the course a little bit and shortened it from a 5K to just a 2 mile run, but it was fun. They handed out champagne along the course, and I think my roomie Tad, was the first one to grab some. They shot fireworks off and then afterwards, they had soup, cookies, more champagne, beer, all goodies. And lots of NOISEMAKERS too.
That night, Tad and I ran to the race and then ran from the race back to our car. So...4.02 @ 9:56 average pace. That's a REALLY good pace for me, considering we were having to walk across the wooden bridge during the race.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - Long run day! A 20 miler was the plan. In my book, on my schedule, so with 8.5 hours of sleep, oatmeal and lots of layers on - Tad and I headed out. I should have known that it was going to be weird, because he was acting funny. About mile 3, he tells me that he's lightheaded. So I ask if he drank coffee like he always does. "No, I'm trying to cut back." NOT THIS MORNING YOU'RE NOT! So we run over to Kum & Go on Peoria and get him some coffee, Snickers and Power Bar while I use the restroom. We trot back to Riverside and continue until the trail stops (about 56th STILL) and then turn around and run back up to Southwest Boulevard.
We're at mile 10 and drinking water and he tells me that he's done for the day.
-"Get your ass over here and let's get going!" I yell at him.
-"No, really, I'm not feeling this. I'm just going to go home."
I could have KILLED him. I ask/tell him, "How far is the house from here?"
-"About 7."
-"Alright, see you there!"

I was NOT a happy camper, but I resumed my happy trot, knowing I was only a little over half done and started thinking that I didn't want to just run right back down Riverside, where I had JUST come from, so at the pedestrian bridge, I went west and then followed it up to Cherry Street and took Cherry Street to Brookside and from there went to the frontage road that goes in front of our house. With that added, I had to run around my neighborhood for a little over a mile, and I really had to talk to myself. I was so close, I kept thinking, I cannot stop now. I maintained an awesome pace until I got to the park around my house at mile 18.5-19. The park was icy and snow covered so I had to slow down so much and I was simply just exhausted too, so that didn't help.
20 miles at a 10:37 pace was what the final outcome was. I was VERY proud of that.

Afterwards though, was very tough. I got up the steps to our house and could barely bend down to take my shoes off. I had Tad start a bath for me with some epsom salt and I went in there for about 20 minutes. I've been getting chaffing really bad under my sports bra (which never used to happen), but I'm going to have to remember to put something on there now. I just relaxed and was exhausted. I could barely pull myself out of the tub when it was time to dry off. And then all I wanted to eat was bread.
Bread is not something I typically keep in the house, because I don't really use it. But Tad had gotten some ciabatta bread from work and all I wanted was some warm from the oven with a little olive oil and sea salt. I made myself make some protein and vegetables, but I really just sat on the couch with my little loaf of bread and felt like a homeless person. Not energy, cold, wet, tired, picking at my bread and just letting the pieces dissolve in my mouth. *shakes head*
I felt very old, even when I went to the coffeehouse that night. I remember hearing a couple guys talking about how everyone looked so tired because the night before was New Year's Eve. I really wanted to tell them that how I looked had NOTHING to do with the night before, but with the 20 miles that I had just pounded into the pavement with the legs that I was still standing on (and in heels...well, heeled boots!). But I didn't. I ate my chocolate chip butterscotch cookie in silence (only get to visit the coffeeshop after long runs....otherwise, I love their sweets way too much).

The rest of the still to come....