Monday, June 29, 2009

Yoga Replacement for Ankle

Yesterday at work I noticed my ankle hurt quite a bit. Today was supposed to be Plyometrics (high impact aerobic exercise). Hm....not amazing ankle + jumping = no good for me.

So...I iced it this morning for about an hour and then honestly...just laid about and went to Big Splash and laid out in the sun for a while.
Note to self: DON'T EAT FUNNEL CAKES + ICE CREAM = NO GOOD! They had this treat that you could get a funnel cake with ice cream on top. Honestly, I just really wanted a little ice cream and a little funnel cake, not the whole dang thing. But my friends had already both bought one...and I hate that we can't share. :-( Then I eat more. I just want to taste it. *sigh*

Anyways, can't be skipping out, ESPECIALLY with the funnel cake, so I decided on Yoga X instead. It was a GREAT workout, even doing the pushups in between the sequences! Yoga Belly 7 times gets better every time too. LOVE IT!

Tomorrow...what does the calendar say? Right now it says an easy 3 mile run early then Legs & Back either before I go to the salon or after. We'll see how my ankle feels after the run; I'll probably go to La Fortune. If I go there, then I HAVE to do the whole 3.2 track, can't be stopping at the 2 mile mark there! :-)


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evil Ankle Issues

Last night I got done with work and went home, hoping to go straight into Legs and Back. roomie wanted to talk. It's good though; we don't get to talk as much as we should, because we're both really busy and work a lot. (Well...I work a lot.) So it was a little later than what I had planned on when I started, but I did it, started preparing dinner in the middle (fresh green beans need some time to soften and boil!) and then finished it OF COURSE!

I got up this morning, a little sore, but not too bad, and it wasn't ungodly hot outside at 9:30AM. After the Cox guy left, then I went to La Fortune for a run. The trail is 3.2 miles, so 5K and I wanted to run it all without stopping. I usually run a mile, walk a little, run a mile, walk a little. But I have the Firecracker 5K this next Saturday and I haven't ran 3.2 miles continually since the last 5K race that I ran, over Memorial Day weekend.

So, I'm running, not really enjoying it, hot, REALLY sweaty, knowing that my music is the only thing keeping me going. And...I'm on a trail with some gravel, and I fall into a softer spot, twisting my ankle, and going D-O-W-NNNN....

I walked a little, slowly jogged the rest of the trail, and then didn't think a lot about it. But now I'm at work, and it's kind of sore and my right knee (same side) is as well. I kind of feel as though it needs to be 'popped' back in, but perhaps elevation and ice would do it some wonders too.

*sigh* I'm still supposed to do Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. BRING IT ON!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Motivating People!

Today I saw not 1 but 2 women in my chair that were runners! Yeah for us! Jessica is training for the 1/2 marathon I believe and Suzy is just running for fun. :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wow. Let's see...yesterday morning, I rode my bike up to the Farmer's Market and shopped a little, went to the bank, then came home.

= 30 minutes, 5 miles or so

One of the venders at the market always has fresh muffins/scones, so I enjoyed one of those with some vegetarian sausage and bacon. :-)

P90X Yoga was up before lunch and wow-e-zow-e!!! I haven't brought that video before like I brought it yesterday. We weren't 'floating up there and doggin it.' I was 'down in it'! My glutes hurt and they've NEVER hurt from doing that video before. My abs were still sore from the workout before, but Yoga Belly 7 times was brought as well.

I worked late last night too; I think we left around...11, 11:30. We were fairly busy too, I walked a lot, and FAST. Good money = good times.

This morning was supposed to be Kenpos X according to my Google Schedule. I got up though and my feet still hurt from the restaurant last night and my legs were still tight, so I told myself that I would do it after work and my meeting. Hm....I think I'm tired. I made it to work and was pretty 'out of it'. My meeting, I ate a small salad, no I DEVOURED it, and then could pay a little bit of attention. I'm just tired. I usually try to NOT take a day off from working out, but my body usually demands one full day each week, so I suppose it's Thursday this week and I'll be doing KenposX and Legs & Back tomorrow and then running and Cardio X on Saturday. *crosses fingers* We still need to meet the minute goal for this month, so we'd better!

Oh, update time. Weighed in today and lost....
.6 pounds and....some body fat % as well. I'll have to check the calendar at home again, before that's in stone. I am feeling much better and know that I have a LOT more core strength than before. Some of my clients have been asking me if I've lost weight. I'm in Week 6 of the program now, so....they should be returning (haircuts every 6-8 weeks) and you're supposed to REALLY start seeing results around 5-7 week time frame. Yeah!!!

Double time tomorrow after some great rest tonight!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Little Switch-A-Roo!

Last night was supposed to be Plyometrics, but instead...I took a NAP! I'm going to just GUESS but I think I was tired. Jessica called me and invited me to go to a birthday party for her friend Summer, so I decided to do that. First time drinking in a while, and I ate a little bit lot too much fattening food, but I've been doing a lot better than before. :-) I thoroughly enjoyed myself though, great food, great drinks, great people!

So this morning, I was kind of motivated because I let my body rest, so I did Plyometrics this morning. Only took 1 little tiny break during it (excluding the breaks given). I was pretty sweaty by the time I was finished, but it was a GREAT feeling! I even managed to do Ab Ripper X AFTERWARDS! ***Double points***

A nice healthy breakfast followed. :-) Buckwheat pancake, soy sausage pattie, 2 egg whites, and baked sweet potato slices with some earl grey and soy milk. De-li-cious!

I went to work and had a pretty slow day, just 2 clients. I honestly think that when I'm busy there, I have MORE energy when I get done, because if I'm not busy, I just sit around. :-( I got a little work done on the Net though. I didn't really want to do Back and Biceps after work, but I drove home, put down the dishes, dropped my bag, changed into my clothes and pushed Play. The music started playing, so I guess I should go ahead and put my hair up, it's time to SWEAT!

It was a very nice workout, although my arms hurt pretty bad right now. I think on my birthday, I'm going to treat myself and get a massage. Yeah! Like 2 1/2 weeks away, and by then I'll really have earned it.

I think I'll sleep well tonight.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Still Owww!

I am very sore today. Saturday night I did Legs & Back. They're still sore. Yesterday was upper body, and OW still hurts. Then today, this morning, my phone read that is was 81 degrees out at 9AM. I told myself that's fine, I can run in that. WHAT-EV-ER!!! My new rule is nothing past 80 degrees, at least until I become more 'acclimated'. I ran about 2 miles at the park beside my house, and when I came in, my roommate looked at me, and just said, "Yeah, I don't run when it's this hot." I could feel the sweat dripping off my nose! Eww! I didn't even bother putting makeup on before I went to work because my face was still so red that I would have had to cover it all up with concealer, so time healed that.

I need to do the Plyometrics workout, lots of jumping and high intensity. But honestly...I think I'm just going to rest the rest of the night, maybe ride my inside bike a little and watch some TV or read, and switch that workout to tomorrow or Wednesday. Some recovery time is needed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps Day with Made Up Yoga Workout

Sunday morning awaken to some soreness in my legs and glutes. Feels GREAT!

(475) Yoga workout helped to stretch out some of the soreness and Warrior 3 will always get me and I still can't do that....crouching praying mantis weird thing. Perhaps within the 12 weeks I will be able to. But I suppose I have to TRY it to achieve it.

(740) Work was busy and even when I didn't have clients, there were some boys from the salon that wanted some highlights, so...kept busy busy! :-)

(350) Called Dad to say Happy Father's Day and spoke with him for a while. Today was supposed to be Shoulders, Chest, and Triceps with Ab Ripper X. I did the workout but skipped Ab X because I did 'Yoga Belly 7' this morning.

=burned 1565

Breakfast was healthy with lots of protein, lunch was a light salad with some leftover mexican shrimp. So for dinner I made some fried green tomatos! :-) And a little TCBY peanut butter yogurt for dessert. 4 grams of fat compared to regular ice cream, I think we're doing alright.

1,637 total
protein 133gr
carbs 168gr