Monday, August 24, 2009

Haven't Been Writing...

But I've still been running! Let's see...catching up and looking at the calendar:

Saturday, August 15 - ran with water breaks at La Fortune, twice = 6.2 miles with the peeps from Ihloff. They run much faster than I do, and that was the farthest I had run so the water breaks were extremely helpful.

Sunday, August 16 - Core. Good P90X workout.

Monday, August 17 - Ran 5 miles in the morning. Evening, I accomplished chest, Shoulders, & Triceps. Again P90X. This workout was not so hot because I had just done Chest & Back the not a good choice with this one. I made it through the workout, but it was not pleasant.

Tuesday, August 18 - Easy 60 minute run at Riverside. I went across to the West side for the first time and it was quite enjoyable. I'm finding though, that I'm having to start to incoporate new or at least, different music, onto my IPOD and making my playlists longer.

Wednesday, August 19 - I watched a movie with my roommate and did some Yoga at the same time. Fairly easy day...

Thursday, August 20 - I joined Christopher (the guy I'm dating) at Gold's gym after work and we did Back together. I did a little of my ab workout on my own. It was different though, going to a gym, especially one that was co-ed. I haven't been to a gym in months and he asked me when we returned to the house if I was trying to 'prove something to him'. I told him that I probably was; I don't want to be viewed as weaker just because I'm a female. He said that usually when girls want to show off they put either their boobs/butt/both out and I told him that was probably the last thing that I would ever do. Working out around guys makes me extremely uncomfortable. Maybe that goes back to when I was married and my husband would tell me to stop chatting so much with my girlfriend and work harder and faster. Errr...

Friday, August 21 - Ran La Fortune twice another 6.2 miles or so.

Saturday, August 22 - Ran 7 miles!!! First time ever...and actually, was probably 7.1 / 7.2 miles!

Sunday, August 23 - BREAK! Rest day that was much needed, I think. I was really worn out from the weekend with doing some Boudoir Sessions with hair, and running so much.

Monday, August 24 - Easy 65 minute run = about 6.2 miles or so in the morning. After hair class, I accomplished Chest & Back. Pushups, pullups, P90X it up!

So...I really HAVEN'T been slacking too much, just so tired and not spending as much time on here recording everything. I keep it all on my on-line calendar, but I need to write it down too and how everything goes.

Note about today - my legs were really REALLY sore. The first 2 miles were pretty tough, but after I stopped watching everyone and thinking so much, it became much easier. I drank chocolate soy protein powder mixed with soy milk (200 calories) in the morning. And then after my resistance workout, I started about 3:15, finished about 4:30PM. I had the 1/2 banana, soy milk and vanilla soy powder (160 calories) drank by 5:15PM. I was SO hungry though by 6:15 when I got dinner. We need to put those closer together, because I was CRAZY hungry. C-R-A-Z-Y!

I've been watching the scale still and no, not every single day is perfect. I had a little binge with the peanut butter last night and then yesterday afternoon in class, I was hungry and all they had to snack on (even after my Clif bar) was little chocolate candies. So...I'm good on chocolate and peanut butter for a minute. I definitely go through phases, but I wish they were farther apart and the scale would go down faster! :-(

Friday, August 14, 2009

6 Miles Accomplished!!!

So got back from vacation in Tenneessee Sunday afternoon. I worked a few hours at the salon and then went to church and I was just...T-I-R-E-D.

I started fresh Monday morning with a 5 mile run at Riverside I believe. It went quite well, not too warm, although I need to pick up the pace a little. If I usually run a 10, 10:15 mile, when I'm running longer runs I need to try to not slow down too much. I'm really thinking about purchasing a Garmin 305 just because of that fact. I have a clock on my IPOD, but I think I need something more accurate (or I just WANT it anyways!)

Tuesday morning was P90X Plyometrics, and the past couple times I don't think I've been 'Bringin It" as much as I could have, so I tried my best that day! I took one small break but finished it in about 65 minutes or so. My legs were a little sore the next day. I think with me increasing the time that I'm spending running that my cardio endurance is going up as well (duh) and so it's easier to get through the hour workout. That evening I did some Yoga, just to stretch out from the bus ride and relax a little from the more difficult cardio.

Wednesday morning I DID IT! I ran from my house to halfway between Brookside and Cherry Street and then back home! 6 miles! It wasn't too bad, although I definitely need to leave my house before 7:30AM, especially when it's going to be an hour run. My shirt was pretty soaked when I came in, and I wasn't super tired because of running, more just because I was so HOT. But it was kind of nice running along a popular street, because it didn't feel as difficult. I could look at people, cars, store fronts; it was interesting. I don't feel sexy while running, definitely not, but I suppose it helps me get over that, in a way and continue on my fitness journey.

Thursday morning I did Chest & Back along with Ab RipperX. I have still been slacking on the resistance training a little and with the Boudoir Sessions coming up next weekend, I'm trying to ensure I'm not missing those workouts. I'm still a little sore today, Friday afternoon.

This morning...what did I do? Oh, yes, 55 minute "easy run" at La Fortune, 5 miles. Tonight, I'm going to do Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps. Then tomorrow morning, some of us from work are going to go back to La Fortune and run it twice, which will be a NEW thing for me. I haven't made it 6.4 miles yet, but hopefully running with them and earlier in the morning, will be extremely helpful and motivating!

This morning, my roommate mentioned that I looked thinner and my first client as well. :-) Yay! Results are awesome; weigh - in again tomorrow. After coming back from Tenneessee and then spending the day on the boat with the boy, the diet wasn't perfect...but hopefully I've whipped it back into shape!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vacation and Trying to Keep Up

Let's see....Wednesday morning, I ran with the girls from work. That evening, I went out with Chris and then just stayed up. I ran that morning, La Fortune, just 3.2 miles, but a fast run for me. I slept a little, worked, and then got on a bus that evening to head for Tenneessee. I didn't work out Friday, just because I was so tired from the bus ride and not having gotten a lot of sleep Wednesday night/Thursday morning. So I just kind of napped Friday afternoon and then attended my Uncle's wedding. I did get up Saturday morning though and went for another 3.2 run. I made it out a little late though, 10:30AM, and it was really too hot to be running by then. But it was accomplished and I felt better.
I should be back on the bus tomorrow around 12, so I'll probably try to do some resistance training and possibly some yoga, depending on how much time I have. Oh! I did do some 'different' type of working out though! I went out on the lake with my Uncle's new family and jet ski, tubed and swam a little. I know it's not what I usually do for workouts, but it was fun!
Now I have to work really hard because I'm supposed to go out on the boy's boat with him and his friends on Wednesday slacking belly if I can help it! After that is 'sexy picture time' and we want to be VERY good for that!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Girls Kicked My Butt!

Let's see...Monday I wore my new runnings shoes. Yeah...not quite as great of a run as usual. I only ran 4 miles in about 50 minutes. So between the shoes, and honestly, me just not feeling very wasn't an amazing run. Then Tuesday morning was Legs, Back, & Abs with P90X and I think I skipped that last week, since I HAVE been running more. It was a pretty good workout and although I wasn't totally spent after it, I was pretty sore later on and then this morning as well.

But THIS morning, I woke up at 4:55AM and was on the road to meet Shelley and Jeanean for a run out South. Jeanean has run multiple marathons and Shelley is training for the half marathon in November too. Shelley has been running for like 6 years and has been my constant motivator and helper in losing weight and running. They continued to push me this morning though! At one point, in the beginning, we were running about a 9:27 minute mile. I usually run about 10:15, 10:30 and I think by the time we finished the 5 miles, it was on average like 10:00 mile. So definitely much faster and farther than I would have run a few months ago!

This afternoon, I need to do Shoulders & Arms and tomorrow is Plyometrics! The diet is going fairly well, I find myself sometimes hungrier throughout the day, although not as much in the morning after I run. I know I may need to start eating a little earlier after my run because I'm very hungry by lunchtime and sometimes I tend to overeat.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goals For July...

So this month, my goal was to exercise 1950 minutes. I only made it to 1635, because I didn't do as much P90X this month. Last month, I did reach the 1900 minutes, but I hadn't met Chris yet, and so I know that I've been spending a lot of time with him. (Obviously, at least 250 minutes worth!)
Miles-wise, I wanted to run 38 miles, and I ran 51.3! So 13.3 past my goal! Yay!!! That's a half marathon right there! That made me feel pretty awesome. I think I really do prefer to run to doing the videos though, being outside, and I feel so accomplished when I finish. Although, I feel pretty accomplished and worn out when I finish the videos. I just didn't like doing the Kenpos, XStretch or the CardioX. I just felt like I got a better workout to go running, so that's how it started!

Today, I got up and it looked like it was going to rain, but I love running in the rain, so I headed out. I thought about La Fortune, but when it rains there, it gets really muddy, so I went to Riverside instead. The difference between the two: La Fortune is a lot hillier, Riverside is asphalt and flat unless you go across the river. Today I was scheduled to run 4.5 miles, I believe. But I actually ran about 5.5; I felt just really awesome. I drank last night for my roommate's birthday and got a little tipsy and said some not so amazingly nice things to Chris, just being a brat, so I think the running helped me kind of work it out and sort through some things. Good times good times.

Next week, I'm leaving for Tenneessee Thursday night. I will be back in town on Sunday, so I have to workout both Friday and Saturday there. I think I'll take the Plyometrics and Yoga DVDs with me, that would make the most sense, although I think we're staying in a hotel, so maybe the Kenpos one, just in case there's not a lot of room. We'll see!