Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up & Up The Mileage Goes!

Wednesday, September 23rd - Turkey Mountain and Hill Work! 6.37 miles with a 10:56 / mile pace. That's really a little inaccurate for pacing because running up the hills was MUCH slower than running down them. But I suppose for a median, that's probably good. This time running there was MUCH easier than last time.
That evening Back & Biceps was accommplished at the gym! I do hate having to 'fight' with the guys to use the pullup machine though. When they just sit or hang on it...that's annoying.

Thursday, September 24th - 6 miles around TU's campus this morning. It was a little chilly out. No, it was fairly cold out. I had only worn a tanktop because you know, running produces sweat. I could see my breath when I started out at 6:30AM and I felt a little silly running like that, but oh well. I've never run up here before, but with my new trusty Garmin, no math is required while exerting so much physical energy! I don't know if I really enjoyed this run, because the campus is so....not 'straight'? And because I didn't really know where I was going or have a path to follow, it was a little more difficult. 6 miles with a 11:15 / mile pace.

Friday, September 25th - Long run day. I was supposed to get up in the morning and run, but I was just too exhausted from everything, work, running, boys, friends, reading. So I ran after work down by the Creek Turnpike out south. I was really trying to psych myself up because I really did NOT want to go. I was scheduled for a 110 minute 'Easy run'. The first 3 miles were pretty bad. I wanted to walk, I wanted to just go back to my car, I didn't want to do it. After the 3 mile point, I don't know, I just settled in. I had never ran this before either, but I just ran for an hour and then turned around. I got really excited because at the turning point, I had run over 5 miles, which meant....halfway....I was going to run at least 10 miles that day! That got me REALLY excited and miles 6 and 7 went by pretty well. About mile 7, I started....slipping a little I suppose. I put a cinnamon disc candy in, and then continued on. I started to get a little uncertain about 7:45 though. It had started to get dark, and the lights out there are not the brightest, and I was worried that I wasn't going the right way (although the path only goes one way silly girl), and that I was going to pass my car, and I could no longer see my watch. I made it though, obviously with...10.88 miles with 11:10 mile pace! Super exciting!
That means I can do the Tulsa Run with over a month to spare in training! Part of me wants to go ahead and set a goal for mileage, pace, and time...but we'll just wait. We'll see how I progress.

Saturday, September 26th - I was supposed to get up and do Yoga. Ha, didn't happen. I went to the gym that night and was supposed to do Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps...yeah, nope either. I did Yoga. :-) Easy relaxing, stretching day after a CRAZY Ihloff Saturday Spectacular!

Sunday, September 27th - I was SUPPOSED to get up and run 8 miles. I got up and...made breakfast and now am here. :-) I will run after work, although I pushed yesterday's strength training until then....that's alright. Maybe....later in the week we'll do that. I'm sure it will get accomplished as well.

Eating has been a little better, although if I stay up too late with friends and guys, then I tend to allow myself to indulge, by thinking that, oh, I ran 11 miles today or 6 or whatever. I probably need to NOT do that. That would be beneficial. And going to bed earlier would help the body repair and for me to not be so extremely exhausted and be able to complete my workouts when I need to, on schedule!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday & Tuesday

Monday, September 21st - Awakened fairly early and went for a run on Riverside. My trusty Garmin 305 helped me out with knowing my pace and mileage. My mind usually gets too confused with how far I'm going and I really have no idea how fast I'm going. The IPOD doesn't give a very good estimate. I ran 7 miles this morning with an average pace of 11:14. The first 2 miles were fairly tough, a little faster, and then miles 3 and 4 were hard until I really settled in. I got a second wind after I crossed over the bridge back onto the east side of the river and continued down to 41st Street. Perhaps, it's because that's more familiar and I knew exactly how far left I had? Not really for sure. I took a couple Naproxen before I started and they helped when I was finished, but not really during. My legs hurt pretty badly.
Monday night, I decided to totally arrange my living space. I moved everything all around and just really neaten and tidied things up. I have been living with Tad since around March and this is the first time I've changed the furniture. I remember when I was younger, I always did that, almost every 3 months or so. I think it helps me to 'clear my mind' or something. Whenever I would become angry with my parents, that's what I did. I went and cleaned my closets or something strange and weird like that. But! I didn't snack or sit in front of the TV!

Tuesday, September 22nd - Cycling class! I got there a few minutes late, because I just really didn't want to get out of bed. We had a different instructor this time, but it was still a good class. Calories burned and I can definitely feel my legs becoming stronger and more defined. I really enjoy this class and I like that they have it on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my later days to going into work. I can't go this Thursday because of Staff meeting, but I will be back and keep trekking away!

Tomorrow is hill work at Turkey Mountain. I'm still trying to decide whether I want to bike there and then run and then bike home....oh, that's really not sounding like an amazing idea. :-( Later on in the afternoon, I want to go to Gold's and do the P90X Back and Biceps. So, we'll probably DRIVE to Turkey Mountain, run for an hour, and then take a little break and continue strength training later.

After not doing very well with food intake for 4 days, I am going to wait until....perhaps Friday to weigh myself again. I did very well yesterday with really only eating all natural food and almost no carbs. Today has been good as well, although I'm starving! Keep busy and eat small amounts every few hours; that's the secret! (And gum!) And I need to measure myself as well, so if I have time that day or Sunday. Hopefully results will be seen!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

On The Road Again...

Sunday, September 13th - I did just a few core exercises and then went to a Philosophy lecture.

Monday, September 14th - I got some much needed rest and went into work a little later. That afternoon, I did Back & Biceps at the gym.

Tuesday, September 15th - Long run day = 100 minutes, almost 8.7 miles!!! This is the farthest I believe I've ever ran, but when I run Brookside to Cherry Street from my house, it doesn't seem too bad. I wasn't going very fast though, but I suppose long runs are supposed to be a little slower. My legs hurt very bad after this run; I sat and iced them since I didn't go into work until almost 1PM.

Wednesday, September 16th - I did some of the Plyometrics exercises while watching...SOME TV show. I should put in the actual DVD and do the full workout, but I suppose this is my way of 'multi-tasking' but unfortunately, it's not quite the same result. I only did this for about 20 minutes or so, enough to work up a sweat and feel my legs, but not enough to feel as though I accomplished the 'REAL' workout. In the afternoon, Shoulders & Arms was accomplished.

Thursday, September 17th - I got my Garmin 305 in the mail!!! I woke up at 5:15AM and went out South to run with Shelley. Well, it was pouring down went to IHOP instead. By 8AM it wasn't raining anymore and I wanted to try out this new device. So I just went for a little run around the neighborhood: 3.77 miles. It was kind of different, because I knew how fast I was running, how far, my heartrate and I didn't have to worry about getting lost or mileage or anything! The watch revealed ALL! After that, I had planned on going to Group Cycle at Gold's, so I went for a 45 minute calorie burning, butt busting workout with Angie. She helped me in the beginning, recognizing that I'd never been before, by helping me with my bike. She was SO full of energy and so positive, the time just flew by!

Friday, September 18th - I was supposed to get up and do Yoga in the morning...yeah...I slept in. After work, I went to Gold's and biked 10 miles and then did Yoga.

Saturday, September 20th - Race for the Cure!!! 7:45AM starting time, finished 3.1 mile, 5K at 29:55!!! At least, that's what I believe it said when I crossed. My goal was under 30, so I accomplished it! :-)
That night I did Chest & Back. I took a little break a little over half-way through it, because once I start getting really REALLY tired, my arms are just so shaky that I almost fall flat on my face while doing pushups. That doesn't accomplish much unfortunately!

Sunday, September 21st - I was supposed to get up this morning and bike to Turkey Mountain to do some running hill work. Yeah, I slept in, AGAIN. :-( I need to go to bed earlier and stop eating too late in the night. I believe I'll just do some Core work tonight and then turn in fairly early.

This week I plan on running Monday - 7.2 miles, Wednesday - Turkey Mountain Hill Work, Thursday - 5/6 faster miles with the girls, Friday - 110 minutes, long run. We MIGHT skip the run with the girls, but it was rained out last week, so I would prefer to go this week before Staff Meeting. I want to go to Cycling class again on Tuesday. Back & Biceps, Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps, and I need to do Legs & Back this week since I missed last week. One day of Yoga too, and we should be full! Oh, and I might swim tomorrow night after my meetings.

I did not do very well with eating last week. The past 3 days specifically, I haven't done well, and the scale did not go down, instead it went up a few pounds instead. Granted, your weight fluctuates, but I know better.

Guide-lines for this week:
1. No munching while TV watching.
2. No dipping things in Peanut Butter (even the HEALTHY kind!)
3. Buy enough salad and vegetables to keep in the house so I don't constantly have to run to the grocery store.
4. No more than 300 calories a day to protein bars a day.
5. At least one protein shake a day.
6. No eating out more than once a day, ANYTHING snack, etc.

I'm not there yet and I've seen changes, but I'm not there yet. I can't slack off now!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Week Gone By...

Saturday, September 5th - worked at the salon and then went to the gym. I basically did a little 'circuit' training workout going from the bike to the stairstepper to the other strange machines that make you feel like a little rat in a cage. :-) I basically was just curious because I had not tried most of these before and wanted to know what they did and what muscles they worked without being too high of impact on my knees. Then a little swimming and sauna time.

Sunday, September 6th - I didn't awaken early like I had wanted, so instead I ran after work. I was scheduled for a 90 minute run and I would LOVE to tell you how far I ran, but...I can't seem to find anything on the Net about it and so...I'll just have to tell you after I get the Garmin 305 watch that I ordered and should be here by Wednesday!!! :-) I went to Riverside and from 41st Street, I went north and then east on the pedestrian bridge and ran until it took me the time that I needed to go and/or to 4th & Peoria's park, I believe it's called Centennial park. This was not a fast run by any means, just slow, and listened to my Playaway.

Monday, September 7th - Labor Day! No work, so instead, I decided to try and take a class at Gold's. I attended the Pilates class, but unfortunately, I could have gotten a better 45 minute workout if I had just done it by myself. I picked up a few new moves, but nothing too exciting or heart thumping. After that, my friend Laura was there, so we biked 6 miles in about 30 minutes and just chatted away. I came back later and completed the P90X Chest & Back at the gym, which was fairly difficult.

Tuesday, September 8th - Oh yes. Hill work running day. I didn't wake up too early, so by the time I got to Turkey Mountain, it had already started to warm up a little. Although, one of the girls at work had kind of 'warned me' about going there alone. "Homeless people are there and you just shouldn't go by yourself." She freaked me out a little to carry Mace, but not enough to take another person with me. I parked around 71st and east of Peoria. I ran up the hill a little to get to the park and then began my downhill path. Downhill at first, I suppose to warm up. But I ran...probably 1 - 1.5 miles to and then turned around and ran back, up the hills. And then did it all again! So I probably ran about 5 miles altogether, but at least....7 - 10 hills, both big and small. Good times, was out there for about an hour and dripping sweat when I left.

Wednesday, September 9th - The hills took a lot out of me, so I just did about 40 minutes of Yoga and biked 7.5 miles today.

Thursday, September 10th - I was supposed to get up and run with Shelley this morning at 6AM, but I had kind of rough night before and it was raining and lightening early this morning. So I ran about 9AM, after it calmed down a little. 6 miles at Riverside at a fairly fast pace. I believe I completed it in right around an hour. I was pretty sore this day and limping around work a little.

Friday, September 11th - Legs & Back at the gym. This is the first time I've done this workout at the gym and the first time I've done it in a while, PERIOD. Because I've been running so much, my legs are constantly sore and I try to let them rest...a little. (? 24 hour periods) It was an alright workout, possibly would have been better at home, because even though I don't want to pay attention to the people at the gym, I am a woman working out in the guys section of the gym for this workout because that's where the pull-up machine is for the Back part of this workout. So...I can't hide as well.

Saturday, September 12th - My legs were very sore when I awoke this morning, but I had told some people from work that I would be at La Fortune at 6:30AM to run, so I had to go. I ended up being the only one there BUT...I went ahead and ran. (No reason to turn around then; that would just be dumb.) Of course, the first mile or two was pretty difficult. My legs and knees hurt from the previous day's workout and they were extremely tender. I decided that I wasn't going to run 6 miles, just one loop (3.1), but about mile 2.5, I decided I would turn around when I got to the end and run back .5 mile and then finish, equally about 4.1 miles. So not the best or fastest run, but I think that it definitely loosened up my legs enough to make it through the busy day at work. And then AFTER work, I headed back up the gym to work on Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps, P90X style. This workout has like 24 different movements, and combining push ups with shoulder exercises is always tough. But we did it, even with the dumbbells pushing me a little more than usual.

Sunday, September 13th - After working out twice yesterday, I went out with some friends and didn't get a lot of sleep. was supposed to be a long run, but I had to be at work at 12PM and I didn't even roll out of bed until 11AM, so...that wasn't happening. I had a Philosophy lecture after work around 7:30PM, so still not enough time to run for 100 minutes and then have time to get ready. I was really tired though, from not sleeping a lot and from working, so a few core exercises at home was all I got accomplished today.

Monday I need to accomplish a 100 minute run, before work. After work, Back & Biceps.
Tuesday/Thursday, I would like to run with the girls out south for a 'fast' 5 or 6 mile trek. Whichever day not with them, 7 miles at Riverside, hopefully. I REALLY want to do the P90X Plyometric workout this week, Wednesday probably. I haven't done that in 3-4 weeks and it's a really great workout, done at home, with your 'garbage can' right beside you because you can't eat for AT LEAST AN HOUR before! :-) I want to double up on Wednesday and do Shoulders & Arms too at the gym. Friday morning, just some Yoga and then take Friday night off to go to a party with my girlfriend, and then Saturday morning is the Susan Komen's Race for the Cure 5K!!! I want to get under 30 minutes for this race and by then I should have my Garmin to help make sure I accomplish it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Actually Going To A Gym Again!

Workout update:

Wednesday, September 3rd - went to Gold's Gym with a week pass that Christopher had given me. I had a goal to run 3 miles at a 9:00 mile pace. Well...that was pretty hard, and I finished 3 miles before...27:45 I think. So it was a little under. The 5K I have this month, I want to finish in under 30 minutes, so we'll see if I can do it. 27:45 plus another .2 miles should not be a problem, but I was running FAST. After that, a little swimming in the pool, about 150 meters. I'm not a very strong swimmer, so I'm trying to work my way up to over 400 meters, because that's how far you swim in a Sprint Triathlon.
That evening though, I couldn't walk. Up and down stairs, I couldn't bend my knees at all and I felt like a little old lady. That sucked.

Thursday, September 4th - went to Gold's again and biked for an hour this time, about 12.5 miles or so. Then I did some Back and Bicep exercises. I just kind of walked around and looked at the different machines and went by that. A little abs and was good to go.

Friday, September 5th - got up and ran 5 miles with the girls, averaging a 9:48 mile pace I believe. At work, I printed off the P90X workout sheets and I've decided to continue the exercises, but now just as the gym. I get really tired of doing nothing but staying at my house. If I workout at home, and get on the Net at home, and eat at home, then I NEVER go out and am never social. Which makes me depressed and I don't like that. So just going to the gym everyday and being around some other people and even just a little interaction should be a positive thing for me. Then possibly I won't mind when I'm at home and just reading or watching a little TV and chilling by myself. So, P90X is continuing, just at the gym instead. So I did Shoulders & Arms last night. And honestly...with dumbbells it was VERY hard. It was my first time using weights for the entire workout, and I probably was choosing weights that were too hard, because I couldn't get through the entire workout. I probably COULD have if I had taken a break and then gone back, but I was hungry and worn out and just tired. (Excuses, excuses. *tsk tsk*)

Today is Saturday and my knee is still hurting, so I believe tonight, I might do some low impact cardio for a while at Gold's and then go swimming and sit in the sauna.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goals Accomplished For August

I had wanted to exercise 2000 minutes, but I believe I only made it to about 1700.

I wanted to run 73 miles and I believe I made it to at least 92 miles! So almost an extra 20 miles...more than a half marathon but not quite a full...yet!

It's pretty amazing to me, that my first race, my first 5K, 3.1 miles, was in May. And last Sunday, August 30th, I ran 7.7 miles. I ran for 86 minutes. OMG. When I first thought about running, 10 minutes sounded crazy. And now....I finished my first 5K and plus, my first 10K.

This month, I have the Susan Komen's Race for the Cure, Saturday September 19th. I believe that's the only race this month. I would like to complete under 30 minutes. That's my goal. It's high, shaving off at least 2 minutes off my July time, but we should be able to make it. It's still 18 days away!

October brings the Zoo 10K, the Tulsa Run (15K) and then the Route 66 half marathon in November. We'll have to relook at the calendar from then on and keep choosing new and exciting races!

Since The Last Time...

Just keeps getting better and better! And a little farther, a little faster each time! :-) Almost everyone is noticing the difference in my appearance and I'm a little perturbed when I open my closet, because almost all of my clothes are getting too big. I don't want to go buy pants yet though, because if I get smaller, then I'll just have to purchase them again. And the tops, we're adding to that a few every couple of weeks. Updating and 'downsizing'. Good times, but shoe shopping doesn't change, thankfully!

Tuesday, August 25th - Just a little Yoga. I was pretty tired that day I believe.

Wednesday August 26th - CRAZY GIRL DAY! I ran 5 miles with the girls at 6AM and then went home, ate a light breakfast and then biked Turkey Mountain and I biked 15 miles. Add a 400M swim to that and we have ourselves a sprint triathalon! (Next year!)

Thursday, August 27th - P90X Shoulders & Arms

Friday, August 28th - A little yoga in the morning and then my first 10K race ever! I did the Heart & Sole Nordam race that evening. My PR for my 5K was 32:00, so I had hoped to least double that (my reasoning) = 64 minutes. And because it was farther, I figured I would run a little slower, so my goal was to finish under 66:30. I crossed the finish line at 1:03:?? I was pretty darn proud! I finished in less than the 5K doubled would have been, so that made me VERY happy! I was really tired when I finished though. The race was at 7:30PM and I ate around....5, thinking that was late/early enough. I probably just didn't eat enough at that point, just a little 100 calorie protein bar and a piece of fruit. Perhaps more substantial food next time if an evening race over 3.1 miles.

Saturday, August 29th - Just P90X Core, and unfortunately only 1/2 of it. I broke the black resistance band. Had to buy some 10 lb and 15 lb dumbbells.

Sunday, August 30th - Ran 7.7 miles in about 86 minutes that morning. This was not a pleasant run. I was still fairly sore from Friday evening, only having about 36 hours recovery and I don't think I was quite ready to run that far. Before that, my longest "EZ Slow Run" was at 65 minutes, so me trying to do almost 8 miles in my 11 minute pace....probably wasn't a super intelligent idea. I did finish though, with the help of my cinnamon disc around mile 5, without walking or taking a water break. It was extremely difficult and I was exhausted the rest of the day. I did a little Yoga later on just to help stretch out. I haven't been actually putting the P90X video in for the yoga anymore, just doing random poses and more stretching. It seems to be working though.

Monday, August 31st - Woke up a little late but did 1/2 of the Legs & Back workout. Once again....really?! What was I thinking? I just ran a 10K Race, then almost 8 miles...and now I'm going to strength train my legs....I need to plan this better. That evening, I joined in for some sand volleyball at one of the college campuses. I didn't realize how hard it was to run in sand! My forearms were pretty sore from hitting the ball as well, but it was fun!

Tuesday, September 1st - 5 Mile run this morning with Shelley and Amber Lynn. I told her that we should start off slow and we did. I think a little slow for her liking, but I was just worn out and tired from the previous craziness. We started about 10:30 - 11:12 - 10:15. But the last two miles we picked it up to about a 9:48, averaging about a 10:17 I think she said. Good times. Then a little Shoulders, Chest, Triceps (once again, about 1/2 the workout) finished it off.

I am really noticing the difference and the scale finally dipped back down under that **0 number again, which was exciting. I've gone under twice hopefully we can consistently keep it from floating about that 0 again! Weigh in tomorrow! And Plyometrics, maybe. Hopefully, we should be able to handle it. Or perhaps, I can convince Christopher to go to the gym with me and we can go SWIMMING! I haven't done that in forever!