Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trying To Get Back Into It

Friday, December 25th - Christmas day! I still managed to do some yoga. I didn't overeat too much at lunch and had very little for dinner that night.

Saturday, December 26th - I went to the gym, ran 3 miles on the treadmill and lifted a little. Not my usual workout, but I was in a little different place that what I'm accustomed to so I adjusted a few things.

Sunday, December 27th - I slept in and then ate really bad for the afternoon. I went to do Plyometrics and then ended up sick about half way through. That's why they tell you to not eat about an hour before you work out I suppose.

Monday, December 28th - Day to get on the plane. I ate clean all day long until I arrived home, starving at 9:30PM. But fairly good all in all.

Tuesday, December 29th - Tad and I went out and ran 8 miles at a 10:18 pace. It felt really good. It was a little slick outside from the snow and moisture Oklahoma had gotten. But the sun came out and started to melt the slickness away. I was busy at work too, so I didn't eat a whole lot there, just good clean food.

Wednesday, December 30th - I had to be at work at 9AM this morning, so I didn't run beforehand. I meant to go to the gym afterwards, but...I decided lunch and shopping were more important for once! Eek...although Tad and I are going to do the Race Into the New Year 5K at 11P tonight.

So...I'm off to nap and then get up to do that to celebrate the coming of 2010! What are you doing to start off on the right foot this year? :-)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holidays Are Taking A Toll....

And I'm NOT liking it! Weather, holidays, food, time, stress....AHHH! I kind of feel as though I'm making excuses, but I know that I'm being honest with myself too. Let's back up -

Friday, December 18th - 3 miles on the treadmill after work. Good and then lifteda little too. I felt strong, but have just been bored, once again with my current routine.

Saturday, December 19th - got up at 6AM and went and ran 6 miles (10:14/mile) with my girl Shelley. I got to catch up with her since she'd been gone on vacation the week before. I remember reading in Runners World about how you should try to put runs with your social group, but I remember thinking that I could never do that because none of my friends run - EXCEPT SHELLEY! But she's totally my girl, so I love chatting with her during our hour, 6 miles.

Sunday, December 20th - I didn't have a super busy day at work, so I went in a little later and went to the gym before hand. My roommate and I were having a holiday party at our house after work, so I knew that there would be no time then! So I went before, and I remember having another girl notice how 'correct' and 'well' I did pushups! That surprised me, but made me pretty proud. I can do about 23-25 now in one set (a little rest, but still in the position).

Monday, December 21st - My roommate and I went and joined a group after work. They were only running 4 miles, and we both wanted to run farther, but we went along. It was quite a bit faster than what I usually run and Tad stayed at the front of the group, and I at the back. We did 4.05 at a 9:57 pace (for me). I was pretty sore afterwards.

Tuesday, December 22nd - I worked 10:45AM - 9:30PM that night because it was my final night before leaving for vacation to Iowa. workout. Just work.

Wednesday, December 23rd - Plane time at 5AM! I DID make it to the gym though and got 3.75 miles in on the treadmill while my mother ran to Wal-Mart. It probably averaged about 10:15 or so.

Thursday, December 24th - I meant to get up and go to the gym, but it closed at 12PM. I had to do the family's hair before the salon closed as well and it is much too cold and wet up here to run outside in my brand NEW shoes! So tomorrow, I want to get up and do Yoga and then hopefully after lunch do my P90X Plyometrics. I brought the DVDs with me, in case I couldn't make it to the gym, and of course, the gym is CLOSED all DAY tomorrow!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

And Now....We Bring You A New PR!!!

Tuesday, December 15th - My long LONG day at work. So - I took the day off. I was busy at work and so when I got home. I just snacked a little bit and then headed to bed about 11PM.

Wednesday, December 16th - I woke up bright and early with my alarm at 8AM. Tad and I had talked about starting the run about 8:30/9:00AM. So I got up and ate oatmeal and had my hot tea. I was bundled up and ready to start the 18 mile run that we said we were going to accomplish last week! I had Tad follow me down to the 21st street bridge and I parked there. Then I joined him and we drove down to 55th and Riverside to start. We ran North, passing my car, and then up past SW Blvd bridge and continued on to the outskirts of Sand Springs. Mile 9 didn't seem to come fast enough, and after we turned around 10, 11, and 12 seemed to happen without too much interruption. The Goo pack was definitely out, along with the water bottle too. I kept thinking that we were almost to my car, and that we would stop for a moment, because Tad wanted to get his water bottle and we were going to take off our gloves and sweatshirts. So that was a VERY short break. The next 3.5 miles were LONG LONG LONG though. About mile 16, 16.5, I had to keep telling myself that I could do this, that it wasn't this bad. And I started thinking about all the mean things that people have told me before, about how I can't do something, or that I'm the 'biggest girl I've ever dated' or how I don't want to be fat anymore. About 17, 17.5 I started going a little faster just because I really wanted it to be over. I didn't want to run anymore, I was done done DONE! I finished and could barely walk. But I did make it to the restroom and then just kind of sat against the brick wall while Tad got his water.
*sigh* That was hard. I felt like crying after we were finished.

So - 18 miles with an average pace of 10:40. Not bad. Only 8.2 more to go to do a marathon! *sigh* That's so long....and so far.....

Today is Thursday, and I probably COULD have gone and lifted at the gym. But...I'm not. We're going to rest again and go tomorrow after work. If I don't run before (just an easy 2-3 miles) then I will run tomorrow after work and then lift again.

I go home to Iowa next week, leaving Wednesday, so I'm not sure exactly how that will affect my running schedule, but I'm sure it will through a cramp in it here and there! Wish me luck!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Setback...But NOT Failure!

So the 18 miles didn't happen. :-(

Shelley bailed - well, sick kid prevailed. And so Tad and I went out on our own along Riverside, but neither of us had the 3 hours to dedicate to running the full 18 miles because we had to be at work at 3. (We didn't start until 11AM to figure out the weather and partnering situation.)

I wore my new shoes that I had just gotten as well. Honestly, perhaps not the best idea. The kid said that whenever he buys a new pair, he goes out and runs a half marathon. Well, the first 5 miles were a little rough and then I still had 5 more to go! Tad and I ended up doing 10 miles at a 10:47 pace, which isn't too bad for a slower run, with new shoes and pretty chilly weather. I hadn't been feeling as strong as what I usually feel. I'm not sure if it was from the 2 miles on the treadmill the day before, the yoga, or the lifting workout but I was a little worn out.

So that was Thursday before work.

Friday, December 11th - I was still worn out and so I made myself go the gym. I told myself, just a little cardio and you can return home. So I sat on the bike and rolled though 10 miles and about 300 calories and then retired for the evening.

Saturday, December 12th - Once again, wasn't feeling super full of energy, and I had a holiday party to attend that evening. Part of me wanted to go home and take a nap, but part of me hoped that running would give me some energy. So I went to and ran on the treadmill - 6 @ 10:05 pace. It was pretty good, read Runners World while I was at it. I can't just run on the treadmill at the gym without some sort of reading material, unless I'm in the cardio room. It's just much MUCH too boring. The guys aren't that hot to look at, and I know that I look kind of scary how much I sweat (especially for a girl)!

Sunday, December 13th - BEAUTIFUL day outside, and I really wanted to go run...but I knew they were closing the gym at 6PM, and since I don't get off work until then....I knew that I would have to go before if I wanted to lift. So did that and felt really good, strong. But then after work, it got chilly and windy. :-( So I just had dinner and cleaned the house instead.

Monday, December 14th - Going to bed DOES pay off. I got up bright and early and headed out and did kind of a 'tempo' (?) run. 7 miles total, averaging 10:00 / mile. I would run a mile around 10:00 and under and then for .25 I would bring it down to about 10:20-10:30 (or try to). I did that and kind of shocked myself with how well I did with being able to stay up to speed. I was quite proud of myself!

So....tomorrow will be a lifting day and hopefully Tad and I (NO), we WILL make it out on Wednesday, it's supposed to be around 50 degrees. And we'll complete our 18 mile run! We WILL DO IT! And then just rest the remainder of the day for me, and possibly start back to the gym on Thursday or Friday with lifting.

I do need to start doing something with food though. This month, I haven't really lost any more weight. I of course, want to lose a little bit more, to get down to my high school weight, which is about 10 more pounds. It took me about 6 months to lose 20, so I know it will take another few to lose the last 10. Those are the hardest anyways, I think. 10 more pounds OR one more size and I would be happy. I did say though, that my REAL realistic goal for the holidays, was to just not gain any weight back, and so far, I seem to be doing alright with that. But I probably should go back to counting calories in - calories out and trying to maintain that. Because since I run now, I'm just like - "Oh, I can eat that, I ran. Or I'll run tomorrow. Or I'm going to run 18 Wednesday, no big deal." But it IS a big deal, they're still calories and they are keeping me from how I want to look. Granted, I feel SO much better now than what I did a year ago or even 2 years ago, but I want to feel how I felt 5 years ago and be THAT confident. And honestly, probably even more so, because I don't know very many 23 year old woman that are still their high school size and can go out and run 16 miles or are training for a marathon. But I am that woman and hear me ROAR!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just Keeps Going & Going & Going....

Friday, December 4th - Day OFF after the 16 mile run.

Saturday, December 5th - 3 miles on the treadmill @ about a 10:40 pace. Then I did my lifting workout. That night, I went out 2-stepping with a friend. My legs were a little sore afterwards, just from having to move in a different way.

Sunday, December 6th - 8 miles after work at a 10:27 pace. I ran from Utica Square around midtown, TU, Cherry Street and back. It was a little chilly and my iPod died about 4.5 miles into it but it really wasn't too bad.

Monday, December 7th - I took a lunch at work and went and lifted at the gym. I've been finding it a nice change when I'm not busy at Ihloff to go lift/run at Gold's, right down the road. I'm really glad now that I decided to get my membership so close. I go and work out, shower and then come back to work and a good deal of time has passed that I wasn't busy, and I still feel accomplished. After work, I went to 21st & Riverside and had wanted to run with a group from Runner's World, but they were having a leaders meeting, so I ran along Riverside by myself. I ran a 4.41 mile run at a 9:51 pace. I don't think I've ever ran that pace, not by myself anyways. It was REALLY REALLY cold though, so I was just trying to get it done and over with. Brrr!!!!

Tuesday, December 8th - Day off again. I usually work at Ihloff from 12-9, so sleeping in is always nice.

Wednesday, December 9th - "Day off" from Ihloff. I went to Yoga class at Gold's to start with. I never want to go to the class, but afterwards, I always feel so much better, so accomplished and STRETCHED OUT. I really enjoy that she makes modifications for people that are more novice or advanced. I wish I could have someone to consistently remind me to stand up straight, shoulders back, DON'T wear high heels, and keep calm and having little or no stress in my life. After class, I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. After lunch, I returned and did some lifting.

Right now, I'm lifting 3-4 days a week. Last round I was doing 14-8-6. This round is 12-10-8. I am getting a little bored with the same exercises. I used to isolate each part (back, arms, shoulders, etc.), but now I do more of circuit training workout. I jump back and forth to give the muscle time to rest, without actually resting and wasting time.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go out and run 18 miles. I'm definitely more than a little intimidated. Shelley said she may only be able to run 6; she doesn't know for sure. Tad (my roommate) wants to go too, but we have to all be at work at 3PM. It's like 3 hours of running we're going to be doing, and then having to work a full schedule after that at Ihloff, will be interesting. I did it last week, but that was 16 and it wasn't as cold outside.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Previous Mileage Goal

I ran 92.4 miles last month. That's about 10,164 calories burned or about 3 pounds. Dangit...where are those pounds and why am I eating so much more then!!! Because I'm hungry - duh. I'm burning it and I'm hungry, so I eat.

92.4 out of 110 (previous goal) - almost there!

I set a new record for myself! Shelley and I were supposed to go out yesterday, but it was a very crappy, rainy, windy day. So we ventured out today! 16 miles for the first time ever!!! We kept a very good pace - 10:34 / mile. Shelley very much helped keep the pace up and I helped her go farther; we definitely work well as a team.

Monday, November 30th - Ran 4 miles on the treadmill about a 10:34 / mile with an incline of .5 & 1.0. Then I returned later and lifted. It was a really good workout. I'm almost through my 'heavy' phase. (14 - 8 - 6 reps) I can very much see that I'm getting stronger and able to lift much more and do many many more pushups!

Tuesday, December 1st - day off. 12 hour day at work instead.

Wednesday, December 2nd - wanted to do my long run but the weather was just not cooperating. Instead, I went to the gym and biked 10 miles and did another awesome lifting workout.

Thursday, December 3rd - See Above! 16 @ 10:34 pace!!!

My legs hurt still. We ran from 9:30 - 12:30. I had to work at 3PM at the salon until 9. I came home and took an epsom salt bath with some Active and Blue Oil mixed it. I think it helped a little, although I could really use a massage just to move the lactic acid and muscle around. I think that standing after at work is a good thing, so I can't sit and just become worse, but at the same time, when I'm super busy, I don't get to eat. :-( And after burning over 2,000 calories, I need FOOD! And not at 10PM at night!

Tomorrow I might try to go run 2 or 3 miles; we'll see how I feel. Gym workout afterwards with a personal trainer to do Back. I had a guy tell me that he thought my back was the strongest muscle on my body, but I never really feel as though I'm working it out right. It gets a little sore, but I'm not sure if it's from lifting or just working at the salon and poor posture. So...we'll do it right, with INSTRUCTION for once! I'm super excited, hopefully I can still put my arms up to do hair on Saturday afterwards!