Thursday, September 23, 2010

NEW Shoes!

So I got some of those "5 finger" shoes and was wearing them around the house and running errands in them for a few days. Today was the first day that I took them out on the road - the running road.

Pros - lightweight

Cons - my calves hurt afterwards
and at one point, I stepped off into the grass to be able to stretch and stepped on some of the sticky things and they hurt my toes because I could feel them!

So....I did a little over 4 miles around a 10:20/mile. It was really windy today too, so I think that slowed me down. We'll try again tomorrow or Saturday hopefully. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but we'll see.

Sunday is my first scheduled 7 mile run. I did complete the 6 for this week, first time in a long time I've gone "that far". That sounds really sad, me saying that 6 miles is far, especially when just a few MONTHS ago, I was running 20+ miles. Errr....summer heat sucks. Plus, my neighborhood is ridiculously hilly so that sucks too. Oh, well. I'll have strong sexy quads and be able to run even more powerfully fast on the flat Riverside trail.

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