Monday, January 3, 2011

Fitness Goals for 2011

For Running-
I want to speed up. This last year I did a 27:30 for my 5K and like 1:27 for the 15K. My half marathon time was disappointment to me, so I would very much like to improve that.

5K - 27:00
half marathon - 2:07, preferably under 2:00

I'm not really sure if a marathon is on my goal for this year. I was supposed to run that in Houston this month, but I have just not been as dedicated and hence, we're doing the half. I need to improve my time from the Route 66's 2:13 that I believe I had, specifically because I added 5 minutes from the previous year's time.

Be healthy -
If losing weight is continued to be in the cards, then so shall it be. I made a chart of my weight from last year, and it's very strange. When I was training for marathons, I actually GAINED weight, and then lost it right after I quit Ihloff and continued. This is the least amount that I have weighed, almost since high school, while still being healthy and strong. I like it. I'd like to continue. :-)

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